Rock It To Me @ Cotton Candy Machine, and Aaron Smith @ Sloane Fine Art

Monday, 6th June 2011

Saturday, June 4 in NY:

File 467

File 468

Dapper Aaron Smith

File 469

File 470

File 471

File 472

I haven't seen my pal Sweet P in many moons

File 473

File 474

File 475

File 476

Sean hanging posters on a lovely day in Brooklyn

File 477

File 478

File 479

Jay Ryan being buff

File 480

File 481

Elyse and Tara

File 482

File 484

Preggers Miranda

File 485

File 486

File 483

The back of the bathroom door

File 487

File 488

Sean and me

File 489

Cool waiter dude

File 490

File 491

File 492


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