Poster Cabaret Bicycle Print Show

Wednesday, 4th May 2011

This poster will be in attendance:

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Bicycle print show organized and curated by Poster Cabaret.
A month long exhibit in May (national bike month) featuring over 60 art prints inspired by the bicycle.
- Opening: Thursday, May 5, 2011 (6pm-9pm)
- Artists:
Aesthetic Apparatus
Alberto Cerriteno
Andy Vastagh
Blanca Gomez 
Bobby Dixon
Brent Couchman
Brian Turner (Cricket Press) 
Bryan Keplesky
Clint Wilson
Cody Haltom (Public School)
Cole Gerst
Dan Black (Landland)
Dan Grzeca
Dan Padavic (Vahalla)
Dario Pegoretti (Pegoretti bicycles)
Delicious Design League
Diana Sudyka 
Dirk Fowler 
Don Clark (Invisible Creature)
Eleanor Grosch 
Evan B. Harris
Gary Houston
Greg Pizzoli 
Hollie Chastain
Jaime Cervantes
Jared Connor
Jason Munn 
Jay Ryan 
Jennifer Davis 
Jes Seamans (Landland)
John Vogl
Justin Cox (Public School)
Justin Santora
Leandro Castelao
Little Friends of Printmaking 
Mara Piccione
Mat Daly
Matthew Genitempo
Methane Studios 
Michael Motorcycle
Mike Klay (Powerslide Design)
Nate Duval
Rand Renfrow
Ryan Clark (Invisible Creature)
Sasha Barr
Scott C 
Tad Carpenter (Vahalla)
Tim Doyle
Travis Bone (Furturtle Printworks)
Ty Wilkins
Will Bryant (Public School) 
Will Manville

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