Miss Van @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery and Emek @ Phillip Williams Poster Museum

Friday, 27th May 2011

Emek signing his new book

File 437

File 438

Phillip, the owner.

File 439

File 440

This store is a trip.  There are thousands of posters stacked on top of one another.  

Apparently there are several floors filled with posters.  

File 441`

Miss Van @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

File 442

File 443

Nice turnout.  It was pretty hot and sweaty in here.

File 444

Sean and Tara hamming it up!

File 445

The fabulous Eric White

File 446

Gaia, this room was cool.  This wall was covered in art wallpaper.

File 447

Time for some Billy's cupcakes

File 448

The employees at Billy's are the best!

File 449

File 450


File 458

Miss Van and Tara McPherson in front of the Cotton Candy Machine.

File 457

More fun in front of the Cotton Candy Machine

File 459

File 460

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